More from me 😉

This is my 1st Blog using WordPress so apologies for being a bit miss mashed..
Just feeling bored so I thought id try an describe some of the feelings and emotions I go through on a regular basis,,  Hope I don’t bore you to death. 🙂
Have you ever felt like things have piled up on your shoulders to the point you will never, ever get out from under it all? It all starts without you really noticing – a few unmet obligations, a few letters or e-mails or phone calls that need to be returned, a couple of bills that you have put off because it seems like there is plenty of time to complete them, and BAM! Before you know it, you are so overwhelmed, the tasks that MUST be done  are completely insurmountable, and all you can do is go from the bed to the couch, eat junk food and walk around aimlessly without hardly any sleep, then you start debating which task you should begin first, only to immediately question your decision and remind yourself of all the reasons why you won’t be able to complete it to yours, or anyone else’s, satisfaction.
All I can do is DEAL with the matter at hand and take 1 step at a time, any progress is good progress when your dealing with any kind of mental health issue. So I’ve been told.
Feel free to comment or leave your own thoughts here as It’d be nice to hear from others with the same issue’s as myself.