A view from inside my head..      AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHImage

As the title describes, my head is racing like something out of star trek. For the people who unfortunately have Bipolar they’ll understand where I’m coming from..  This is an absolute mission just to keep my mind focused on this 1 seemingly simple task.. 

It’s almost like I’m a child on Christmas eve, I’m exhausted my body’s is aching yet my head is saying PLAY PLAY PLAY..

What makes it even worse is the fact my wife an kids are all tucked up in bed, so although I’m in day time mode I have to creep around the house trying not to make any noise which trust me is no easy matter.

As a lot of you’ll understand when your like this ,you kinda wish there were other people to talk to or even just play a few online games with.. There should be a social kinda site specifically for people like us, somewhere to chat – share experiences – or as I said simply play games..

WOW,,  I’ve only just realised I’m rambling on aren’t I  ??????????  Sorry about that,lol.   Oh well, If nothing else I’ve given you something to read for 5 mins.