As the title say’s, I’m on a Hyper yet again. If I’m honest sometime’s I don’t mind It because It usually occurs after me having a good day In one way or another. Like today for instance, I got up at a reasonable time let my wife have a well earned lye In. Then we all got ready to go out to our local pub because they had allsorts laid on for the kids to celebrate the jubilee, spent a few hours there having a BBQ and stuff. Then we all decided to jump In a taxi down to our local beach where there’s Arcade’s a Funfair an lot’s of other stuff to-do.

So all in all I’ve been a very busy chap and that’s usually what TRIGGER’S me off..  So here I am again, wide awake with my mind doing a million mph.. As allot of you will know It can actually be a nice place to be sometime’s.. I feel very happy to the point euphoria (almost) . It’s a bizarre kind of feeling Isn’t It, your happy and your mind’s exploding with idea’s from simple thing’s like what your going to do tomorrow to massive unrealistic idea’s such as thinking about buying stupid overly expensive things that you don’t even need.

I’m an Idiot when It come’s to my finance’s obviously being Bipolar certainly doesn’t help the situation. I got that bad with my spending I had to file for bankruptcy I lost my nice shiny BMW which I adored and I nearly lost my home. It was one hell of change In lifestyle going from £30k a year down to Disability Living Allowance and Employment Support Allowance which comes to around £8k a year. Not great I can say that much but I suppose It’s better than a kick in the teeth. I recently asked my psychiatrist whether I’m able to go back to work and the answer was a simple “NO”. I suppose she has a point, Imagine It, Me In work an all of a sudden BOOM I go all Hyper. They wouldn’t know what the f**t to do other than probably fire me for taking drugs or something because I know one thing for sure I have no intention’s of telling any future employer’s about my condition, YES I know they’re not meant to discriminate but I’ll guarantee you that they do.

Famous saying “Knowledge Is Wisdom” and I know for a fact  that not allot of people really know much about Bipolar or any mental health Issue’s and the second you mention anything to do with mental health people automatically presume your a nut case an tend to back away from you. I was only diagnosed this time last year and I’ve already noticed how people’s perception of you change’s. Some of my so called friend’s no longer stop to chat In the street, some Ignore message’s I send on Facebook it’s not me being paranoid It’s a FACT. I bumped into an old friend not so long ago an I asked the usual “how’s  things” an he replied “not to bad mate, how are you? I heard you’ve gone nuts and you lost the plot” .

I seriously couldn’t believe what I’d just heard, one because he didn’t even ask how I was and two he’d basically said that people aka my so called friend’s were talking about me behind my back rather than coming to me first. I was f**king livid, I didn’t know how to respond to that If I’m honest, I just replied ” yeh If you say so” an walked off..

So If anyone tries to tell me that people or friend’s don’t change when they know you’ve got a mental health problem I’d reply with ” your full of shit “..

Ha Ha,  I’ve just realised that I’ve gone off track yet again. Sorry about that, as anyone will know who’s got Bipolar, Hyper mania or Mania your head (mind) can go so bloody fast you don’t know If your coming or going and I’m experiencing It full on at the moment. Choo Choo ..

The next picture put’s a smile on my face, hope It has the same effect for you..


I’d say where all purple giraffe’s in one way or another..