My mind Is like Highway full of speeding car’s all of which are travelling faster than one can possibly Imagine, It’s out of my control now I’m merely a passenger on what feel’s like a joy ride.

I’m hardly surprised as I’ve been awake for 64 hours without a minute’s sleep, I’m on a kind high which Is tremendous, My Idea’s are fast and frequent like shooting star’s, and I follow them until I find better and brighter one’s. Feeling’s of euphoria, Intensity, power, well-being and ease are all flowing through my vein’s. I can feel my heart pumping stronger and stronger wanting more and more, I’m thriving on the thing that is potentially going to make me ill.

Do I want It to stop Is the question I’m asking myself.

One part of me say’s “YES” this Isn’t healthy for you but the other scream’s “NO” enjoy the creativity that’s been handed to you. In reality though I don’t have the Option to choose It’s quite simply the hand I was dealt with.

As the day’s have gone to night’s and then back to day’s my Idea’s are getting far to fast and there are far to many of them,

Where’s this highway taking Me ?

What’s going to happen when I get there ?

Am I going to be a passer by ?

Or am I going to be a metaphorical wreck myself ?

It’s all travelling at the speed of light, a quick twinkle then It’s gone into the darkest part’s of my mind just like a shooting star, by the time you see it and acknowledge It’s existence It’s gone. Is my mind simply overloading with Idea’s and thought’s or Is It a glimpse of shear brilliance where as I’m tapping Into my undiscovered and natural talent’s. I honestly don’t know but I would say I’ve been more creative in the last 3 day’s than I have the last 3 year’s. I feel I have the power to not just describe my mood’s and feeling’s but to share with you the emotion’s that are attached to them.

Everything has a beautiful glow about It, Kind of like a Sunrise. There’s a sensual, warmness, serenity that lighten’s your spirit and broaden’s your mind.

I know It has to end but when It does, how’s It going to happen?

Nice and Quietly


Loud and Aggressively.

I think I can answer this already, as the past night has progressed I’ve slowly noticed my concentration dropping, tiredness Is making an appearance, my thought’s are wondering, even my Mind Is wavering, dark figure’s, silhouettes and shadow’s are starting to creep into my line of sight and wherever I look, they’re there, waiting  for me. Of course they can’t be real and I know they are just figment’s of my imagination but that doesn’t change the fact I’m seeing them so I’d almost guarantee It’s going to end horribly.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that this joy ride Is over.

All I want to know Is ?

Am I simply going to be walking wounded or something far more serious?